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Meet Eleni – your guide on this exciting journey of learning the guitar.


With a deep love for Rock and Blues, Eleni, a dedicated guitarist since her teens with seven years teaching experience, enriches every lesson with her passion and energy. Her stage experiences from her band performances add a real-world dimension to her classes.


At Guitar Space Learning, we believe music is for everyone, and we welcome all learners, regardless of skill level.

The Guitarist Behind the Lessons


Eleni is not just a passionate musician, but a dedicated guitar teacher with over seven years of experience. As a specialist in lead guitar, she channels her love for rock 'n' roll and blues into her lessons, creating a learning experience that's vibrant and real.

When Eleni isn't teaching, you can find her performing on stage with her band. These live performances provide her with firsthand experiences that she carries back into the classroom. She knows what it's like to stand in front of an audience and channel energy into music, and she guides her students to do the same.

She believes in the potential of every student and strives to create a learning environment that nurtures their growth and fosters a deep love for music.


"Teaching guitar isn't just a job for me - it's a passion, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you."

*Below is a video of Eleni enjoying a little entry level Rhythm Guitar*


"Eleni just gets it! I used to be so nervous picking up the guitar, but she's made it chill and fun. Those stories from her band gigs? Gold!"


"Taking lessons with Eleni feels like jamming with a buddy who just happens to be an awesome guitarist. Every session I walk away with so much more to give my guitar."


"Learning with Eleni reignited my passion for guitar. Her rock 'n' roll knowledge is immersive, making every lesson a delight. Highly recommended!"

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